August 2, 2011

Motorola and Google buddying up against Apple in patent war |

Motorola and Google buddying up against Apple in patent war |
It’s no secret that Motorola has been struggling for market share and relevancy ever since it stopped riding the wave of the Razr success, but they may have new wind in their sales (pun intended) with one of their most valuable assets – their patent portfolio.

With the continuing legal battles spearheaded by Apple, manufacturers are grappling for patents to protect their designs and avoid being their next target. Undefined intellectual property rights are encouraging manufacturers to seek patent portfolios. Companies that have many patents, like Motorola, therefore have an advantage at this time and can leverage these as assets. Motorola, with its impressive patent portfolio, can either use these patents to up their own market share, or can choose to sell them to other manufacturers looking to boost their portfolios. Just last month, Apple took advantage of a patent deal that significantly strengthened its portfolio by purchasing, along with Microsoft, RIM, Sony, EMC and Ericsson, the Nortel patents for over $4.5 billion at auction.

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