August 21, 2011

Last week in patent news (August 20-27)

Apple may invest $1 billion in Sharp LCD plant
HTC Sues Apple Over Patents, Wants Injunction And Lots Of Damages
Apple’s Reexamination Counsel Avoids Deposition in Kodak case: Reexamination Alert™
Patent troll targets Apple's Disk Utility over alleged patent violation
FOSS Patents: Samsung pleaded unsuccessfully against Apple's motion for preliminary injunction, will try again at hearing on August 25
Infographic: The Samsung iPhone 4?
Apple v. Samsung: Ethics Still Matter in Patent Litigation |
GalaxyTab still legal in the Netherlands
Samsung Galaxy Product Sales Halt in EU; Will U.S. Market Be Next
German court suspends EU-wide injunction against Samsung | Science & Technology | Deutsche Welle | 17.08.2011?

More Android, Oracle, Microsoft
FOSS Patents: Oracle v. Google update: summary judgment pressure and Motorola Java license fallacy
"Defending Android" | MG Siegler
Samsung Could Squeeze Google In Response To Motorola Deal - Forbes
Nokia CEO issues warning over Google’s Motorola acquisition – News - Know Your Mobile
Renesas Patent Complaint Seeks to Bar U.S. Imports of Vizio TVs - Bloomberg
Linux snickers at Microsoft 's victory declaration | ZDNet
Why HP Is Killing Its Phone, Tablet Businesses
Hewlett-Packard Reexamination Request Of Princeton Digital Patent Among Requests Filed Week of 8/8/11

Myhrvold throws a party and surprise: the press was invited!
Somehow I can imagine Richard Vines sitting there eating thinking "Must not mention Lodsys, must not mention Lodsys".  After all he wouldn't want to upset Microsoft's "Guru", he might not get invited back to the next party!  Despite Vines groveling Myhrvold can't help but think we're all scum, except him of course.  After all he's a famous inventor...the patent troll "protection" business.

Businesses split on merits of overhauling patent process
The Myth That Software Startups Need Or Want Patents

Stupidest article I read all week: China’s Innovation Capacities May be Over-hyped. Because you know the best way to judge a country's innovation is to count the number of patents they file! What a ridiculous metric.


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