August 22, 2011

Visual guide for finding non-patent prior art with Dspace@MIT

Dpsace@MIT is an excellent repository of digital technical documents and is fully accessible to anyone with an internet connection.
In the upper left hand corner I can search or browse Dpsace@MIT.

Let's start with a search for 'touch screen camera'.

The results look good but with over 1,000 let's try to limit the results some with an Advanced Search.

Follow the 'Advanced Search' link.
The Advanced Search page a
From the Advanced Search page I can limit the results by certain publications.  But why do that?
There are many options for restricting the results, but we'll use 'Full Text' for now. 
We'll again search for 'touch screen camera'.

Doesn't look like my Advanced Search was much different than searching for the full text.  I'd like to restrict my results to be between April 1994 and April 2004 but unfortunately Dspace@MIT offers no way that I know of to restrict results by date, but we can sort the results by them instead.  

Buy sorting the results by issue date I can easily find articles published from 1994 to 2004.
Dspace@MIT also allows us to arrange the results from oldest to newest.
I only had to scroll through results until page 13 until I had articles published starting in 1994.  Let's take a closer look at the article Intelligent Cameral Control for Graphical Environment by Steven Drucker.
Here's the bibliographic information for the article. There's no abstract but that's because I can download the entire article.

I can download the article by following the 'View/Open' link.

Now my article is downloading...
We've now got ourselves a great piece of prior art!

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