August 22, 2011

Visual guide for finding non-patent prior art with IET

The IET Digital Library is another great place to search for non-patent prior art.  

Let's start with an Advance Search by following the link near the top of the page.
With Advance Search I can select the IET publications to include in my search.
I can also choose a number of options options for searching, let's start with Abstract/Title/Keywords.
And search for the keywords 'touch screen camera'.

Let's limit the results by date too; between April 15, 1994 to April 15, 2004.

No results, my search was too specific.
Return to Advance Search and change the keywords were searching for to 'touch screen'.  Remember to restrict the results by date again too.
Great now I have 5 results, let's take a a closer look the article, Experience of Linux and GTK+2 Smartphone by Min-Hong Yun.
Here I have access to the article's bibliographic information and abstract.

IET even has the ISBN number so you can find out easily if your library has it.

But in order to view the entire article from IET's digital library we'll have to buy the article by following the 'Buy This PDF' link.

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