August 15, 2011

#Apple Offers Flawed Evidence in Lawsuit against #Samsung

But it appears that Apple has failed to provide the German judge with accurate evidence. At least one of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 pictures that Apple provided as evidence in the German case is either wrong or manipulated. Photographic evidence submitted by Apple, found on page 28 of the German complaint, shows two pictures: the iPad 2 and the alleged Galaxy Tab 10.1, accompanied by Apple's claim that the 'overall appearance' of two products is 'practically identical.'

Comparison of the images submitted to the German court by Apple with an image of the actual Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 -- illustration compares aspect rations, does not compare actual dimensions of the products.But the picture Apple submitted of the Tab is inaccurate and does not match with the real Galaxy Tab 10.1, Webwereld discovered. Further investigations have verified this assessment. The Galaxy Tab due on the European market is taller and more oblong than the iPad 2. However, the shape of what Apple's claims to be a Tab 10.1 resembles the iPad very closely.

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