August 17, 2011

Miami court deals huge setback to #Motorola Mobility's defense against #Microsoft : Foss Patents

Motorola Mobility's defense strategy against Microsoft's patent infringement lawsuit just suffered a major setback. The best defense in patent disputes is a good offense, but after an order issued today, it's clear that MMI's federal countersuits against Microsoft are not going to trial anytime soon. There are several federal lawsuits going, and the earliest trial date is in late November 2012 -- for the others I haven't even seen a scheduling order, so I they will hardly go to trial before 2013.

In the meantime, Microsoft will get a decision on its ITC complaint against MMI. The target date for that investigation, which MMI failed to push back by three months, is March 5, 2012. As I explained two months ago, MMI appears to be on the losing track in that one. The related ITC hearing will start next Monday (August 22).

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