August 19, 2011

Visual Guide to Using Intellogist and QSensei to find non-patent prior art

Intellogist is a great place to start when searching for prior patent art.  It includes a guide outlying the best practices in searching for prior art, and what we're going to use today: Resource Finder.
You can find the Resource Finder right in the middle of Intellogist's home page.
Resource Finder and Intellogist are organized as a wiki which makes it simple to navigate.
Drill down the category list on the left to find the best databases related to your subject.
Intellogist's categories are both diverse and thorough.  Let's look at the polymers section.
Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find a list of online databases available for searching prior art.  Some databases can only be searched if you pay, some can be searched for free but you pay to view the full article, and others are completely free.
Let's check out QSensei.  There's a direct link to it from Intellogist.
You'll notice at the top right of the page is a link "For Search Users".
Follow it to the QSensei search engine.
Let's try searching for "touch screen".
Looks like there's some great results, but I want to restrict my results to being published before 2005.
I can do that by simply clicking the "Year" section on top of the results.
And select the years you'd like to include in the results.
And now my results only include the years 2000-2004.  There are other ways to restrict and sort the search results such as author, type, or publication.
Let's take a closer look at one of the results.  As you can see, the bibliographic information and abstract are available to anyone.
But in order to read the entire article I'll have to purchase it from PubMed.  QSensei provides a link in the uppler left corner of the result.

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